3 Tips to Make Faster & Better Decisions

Have a hard time deciding?

One of my realizations for last year is that the biggest source of agony is not from the outcome of the decision but more from being stuck in indecision for a prolonged period of time.

It can be from life-changing decisions like a career shift or marriage to daily decision like what to eat or can I sleep in?

Once a decision is made, it’s like heaven opens its gates. Ok, kidding! But there’s a certain sense of lightness and relief.

For this post, we will be focusing on the smaller daily decisions.

Why? This is because although our daily decisions may seem very insignificant, but they form habits. I’m not just talking about physical habits, but more importantly: thought habits.

In another words, a usual way of thinking.

Ever caught yourself saying, “why does she always think this way?” or “he is going to do that?” It’s all a results of thought habits.

If we are able to become an expert of making small daily decision, change our thought habits to help us instead of sabotage us, we can move a huge step towards living a life closer to our dreams.

So how can we make faster & better daily decisions, get out of the agony of indecisions, and feel happier? Here are 3 tips that worked for me:

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I have been coaching for 2 years, and also an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach. I work with millennial executives & business owners. My focus is on personal leadership & breakthroughs because to be a good leader to others, we need to first be a good leader to ourselves. These writings are to share some humble experience & insights that I've picked up to help you learn to harness your unique superpower & be an inspiring role model to yourself & others.

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